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W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw

£899.00 (inc. VAT)
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UK & Ireland


For the small professional workshop this new cast iron table saw will be the perfect fit.

  • Quiet 3hp Induction Motor
  • Cast Iron Precision Ground Table
  • Extension Tables as Standard Equipment
  • Finely Adjustable Rip Fence
  • Sliding Carriage as Standard Equipment
  • Separate Handwheels for Blade Adjustment
  • 100mm Dust Extraction Outlet
  • Optional Wheel Kit

The main table is precision ground cast iron to give a flat surface that will last forever. The surface area is further increased with the addition of 2 steel extension tables offering greater support when working with larger panels and boards.

The guide fence for ripping operations slides smoothly along a solid steel bar with a measuring scale marked out in millimetres. The fence itself can be used in two positions, the second position allows for very thin cuts to be made in thin materials without obstructing the blade guard. A great feature of the fence system is the addition of a micro adjuster which allows accurate small adjustments to be made when setting the position of the fence.

The sliding mitre fence is adjustable to 60 degrees in each direction. It has preset stops to locate it accurately at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. A sacrificial fence can be easily mounted using the fixing holes provided.

On the left hand side of the saw is the sliding crosscut carriage. The table is again made from cast iron and precision ground for a durable flat surface. The table runs on four sealed for life bearings along an aluminium guide track. The fence itself can be locked at any angle from 90 to 45 degrees, and there is a positive stop to ensure the fence returns back to the 90 degree position. A work clamp ensures timber stays locked in position during the cut. A flip-over length stop for accurate repeat cutting completes the carriage assembly.

The power is generated from a 2200w (3 hp) induction motor which gives a low noise level and will run from any standard 13amp, 240v power supply.
Setting the sawblade angle and height is done using two separate hand wheels. A large easy to read scale on the front face of the machine allows accurate bevel angles to be set.

Efficient dust extraction is included as standard. Dust is collected from the back of the saw guard and a hose transfers it to the rear of the machine. Underneath the table is a hood which collects more dust and tranfers it to the same collection point. A single extractor hose connection point of 100mm diameter is provided at the rear of the machine.

The table saw is supplied with four adjustable feet for levelling on an uneven surface. For anybody needing to move the saw around the workshop our universal wheel base, W520 is the ideal companion.

Supplied with 36 tooth TCT sawblade, push stick, rip fence, mitre guide, cable and plug.


Main Table Size 750mm x 1000mm
Maximum Ripping Width Using Fence 605mm
Crosscut Table Size 400mm x 180mm
Maximum Crosscutting Width 550mm (700mm Using Reverse Table)
Blade Tilt 90 - 45 degrees
Cutting Depth at 90 degrees 65mm
Cutting Depth at 45 degrees 40mm
Blade Diameter 250mm
Blade Bore 30mm
Work Table Height 830mm
Motor (induction) 2200w (3hp) / 240v
No-load Blade Speed 4000rpm
Dimensions (WxDxH) 1440mm x 1070mm x 1120mm
Weight 125Kg
Db (Without Load/With Load) 81Db/89.5Db
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year

 It is highly recommended that a dust extractor is used at all times with this saw to prevent the harmful build up of dust and chips. The hose kit supplied collects dust from the sawguard and takes it to the single 100mm diameter hose connection point at the back of the machine.

Please note: It is not possible to use a stacked dado set with this saw. Why not?

W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw

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Sturdy Rip Fence With Adjustment for Fine Tuning Bearing Guided Sliding Carriage with Work Clamp Mitre Guide Adjusts to 60 Degrees Each Way with Preset Stops at  90 and 45 Degrees 100mm Diameter Dust Oultet Collects From Above And Below The Table




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Product Reviews Submitted by Customers

W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw For the small professional workshop this new cast iron table saw will be the perfect fit.

Average rating: 54 based on 4 reviews

W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw

Marios 5

Took delivery just after christmas of the W650 and what excellent value for money.
Takes quite a while to align the blade correctly, but once aligned, cuts perfectly.
The motor is quiet and vibration free.

W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw

Alistair 5

Bought this saw last year it's great for riping cross cutting and veneer board with fine blade panel work the people at Charnwood are very helpful went to their show last year, love my saw use it all the time

W650 10'' Cast Iron Table Saw

Stu 5

Ok, have had this for a year now and use it every day so think I can give a fair opinion on this. First unpacking and set up. I too didn't realise that bits were inside so though I had loads missing, but a quick call sorted that out. Set up was straightforward, however, it has taken me a while to get everything aligned and true to the blade, but well worth it. The motor is quiet and powerful, everything is adjustable so that you can get it true and square. If i have one gripe its that the fence does not move very smoothly with the fine adjuster attached i think because of slight flex in the way the fine adjuster attaches to the fence shoe. generally i keep it seperated and only attach it when going for final cuts. For the money this saw is amazing and I would highly recommend it. 

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