CF2024 Cartridge Filter 1 Micron for 500mm Diameter Collector

1 Micron Cartridge Filter
1 Micron Cartridge Filter Very Easy To Install Quick Action Clamp Internal Cleaning System Prevents Filter Clogging, Ensures Peak Performance Cartridge Filters Can Be Used To Replace Cloth Bags A Double Bag Unit Will Require 2 Cartridge Filters to Make the Upgrade

EAN: 5060486045112
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Upgrade your dust or chip extractor to handle the finest workshop dust.

This cartdige filter can be used to upgrade any chip extractor with a 500mm diameter collection drum. Replace the cloth filtration bag with a cartridge to increase the filtration performance down to a super fine, 1 micron particle size. The extra deep pleats in the filter material, increase the surface area of the filter so that there is no loss in air flow compared to the original cloth filter. 

This allows the extractor to be used for operations which produce very fine dust such as sanding and cutting MDF. The particle size of fine woodworking dust is generally between 2 and 3 microns. Research shows 99% of wood dust, produced by machining softwood, hardwood or MDF, is within that range.  The extractor can still be used with all the normal workshop machines which produce dust and chips, such as: bandsaws, table saws, planers, thicknessers and spindle moulders. 

The cartridge is very simple to install, simply remove the cloth bag and support arm on the extractor then fit the cartridge in its place. A metal quick action clamp secures the cartridge in place.

To ensure a long life without any deterioration in performance the filter includes an internal cleaning device. Gently rotating the handles after each use, moves the internal paddles which clean the inside of the filter and prevent clogging.  

Supplied with metal fixing clamp and foam insert to ensure a good seal against the collector drum.

Compatible with:

  • Charnwood W691
  • Charnwood W692 (Requires 2 filters)
  • Charnwood W791
  • Charnwood W792 (Requires 2 filters)
  • Axminster AWEDE
  • Axminster FM300BC 
  • Axminster FM300SA (Requires 2 filters)
  • Fox Fox F50-842 
  • Axminster AC153E
  • Axminster AT170E
  • Axminster AT340E
  • Jet DC1100A
  • Fox F50-842
  • Fox F50-843 (Requires 2 filters)
  • Draper DE2200 (Requires 2 filters)
  • Any other model with a drum diameter of 500mm (20") 


CF2024 Specification  
Filtration Size 1 Micron
Cartridge Internal Diameter 500mm (20")
Cartridge Height 625mm (24")
Weight 9Kg
Rating Trade
Warranty 1 Year
EAN Number 5060486045112

If you bought this product and fitted it to another brand of machine, let us know the make and model and we will add it to the list of compatible machines to help other buyers.


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