Vnail Wedges

Universal type wedges to fit most makes of underpinner including Framers Corner and Charnwood. The Width is always 10.3mm, available in 4 different height sizes.

Softwood and Hardwood options available. 
What is the difference between softwood and hardwood underpinner wedges (Vnails)?

Softwood wedges are sharpened along one edge, which allows them to cut through the grain of
softwoods, hence the crunching sound normally heard during pinning. Most framers in the UK use
softwood wedges all of the time, only switching to hardwood wedges when they encounter a
particularly hard moulding.

Hardwood wedges are sharpened along both edges which allows the wedge to follow the grain of
the timber during the pinning process. Depending on the species of wood, the grain may be
straight or curved. When working with a curved grain the path of the wedge will also follow the
curve and so care must be taken to place the wedge away from the edges of the moulding to avoid
breakout. Because of this It is not normally possible to stack wedges in hardwood.
Hardwood wedges do not generally work well in softwood mouldings.

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